illustration for UGUiSU the little shoppe by Grace Lee

illustration for UGUiSU the little shoppe by Grace Lee

おみせのファサードのイラストをGrace Leeさんに描いていただきました!

Graceは現在東京を拠点に活躍するシドニー出身のイラストレーターで、日本の雑誌をはじめたくさんのチャーミングなイラストを数多く手がけている才能あふれるアーティスト。 兼ねてからGraceの作品の大ファンだった私は、思い切ってイラストの依頼をしてみたのですが、忙しいなか快く引き受けてくれて大感激。




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I am so thrilled to share this lovely illustration freshly made by Grace Lee for my shoppe! Grace is a talented artist from Sydney who currently lives and works in Tokyo creating really charming works for clients which include some of the top Japanese fashion magazines! Since I have been a big fan of Grace's work I was so excited that she happily accepted my request and made such wonderful work of art!! You would want to visit this shop just by looking at this illustration, no??

You can check out her work here on her cute blog and also from this website.

Thank you so much Gracie!