Saying good-bye to the little shoppe


It took me so long to write this….but our little shoppe is going to close its door permanently at the end of the year and end the business at this location (but it will not be the end of UGUISU!).

The little shoppe first opened this very day seven years ago and there were many ups and downs but I have been so fortunate to have had so many wonderful people coming to visit literally from all around the globe. The happy and excited faces of those who visited here always made my day. I’ve met so many great customers (some became best friends!), wonderful artists and makers, and made a special bond with lovely neighbors inside this building that I truly adore. I just really LOVED being here and have so many fond memories so I will really miss it myself but there are things I need and want to do more and in better depth and time has come for a change.

UGUISU STORE, our global webshop will continue as it has been offering numbers of special pieces and works by local artists and makers to outside of Japan for the past 10 years, hoping to offer better customer experience and making more of my native Japan available to the world through our online store and more. I hope you will continue to enjoy our offerings online and we ship directly to you to all parts of the world even after our physical store is closed.

If you will be in Tokyo in the next 8 weeks, please pop by to say hi and bye, sign our book and take pictures – we will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the 28th December. Check open days here–>

Thanking you for being a part of our journey and wishing you the best.