UGUiSU the little shoppe is a small craft and gift store housed in a 1930s apartment building hidden down a quiet lane in Azabudai in the heart of Tokyo near Roppongi and Azabujuban. (日本語はこちら

In 2009 we began selling a carefully curated selection of Japanese products to the world through our online store. And in 2012 we opened the little shoppe as our first physical store.
Our aim is to source unusual pieces from artisans and small makers and make them available to the world. We look for works with cultural or traditional significance, special items that tell a story, hard to find objects and every day items with beauty.

UGUiSU’s range features a collection of paper items, linens and textiles, tableware, accessories, jewellery and books. Even though our range is diverse, each item has one thing in common – no piece is mass produced and all are made with care.

If you are visiting Tokyo, we hope this little shoppe will be one of the places you will visit during your stay and when you do we hope you find something special here to take back home with you, something that will hold a memory of your time in Tokyo, something that makes you or a loved one smile.